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Happy ending for cat Persik from Ukraine – in the USA

When the war started, Larysa Frisby was visiting her family in Arkansas (USA). Her cat Persik had stayed with her cousin in Odessa. Larysa feared she would never see the animal again. But now there was a wildly emotional happy ending… The animal drama began in February: Larysa Frisby was thousands of kilometers away when […]

Conservationists concerned: how the war in Ukraine is threatening rare wild animals

Explosions, tank noise, devastated landscapes: war not only causes destruction in cities – nature also suffers from the fighting. Also in Ukraine. Conservationists fear the Russian invasion may endanger endangered species. Scientific studies dealing with the civil war that raged in Mozambique between 1977 and 1992 show that wars can have devastating consequences for the […]

“Stay with my animals”: Italian rescues strays in Ukraine

While Russian helicopters are flying all around him and guns are constantly falling in, Andrea Cisternino worries above all about his animals. The Italian founded an animal shelter where 400 four-legged friends currently live. Escape with them seems impossible – so the animal rights activist stays in Ukraine. Andrea Cisternino has been living in Ukraine […]