The Safe Deposit service from AniMall24 allows you securely to send a deposit without risking losing the money in a scam.

How it works:

  1. You contact the owner to confirm if the pet is still available and, if so, to inform him/her that you’ll be paying the deposit to AniMall24, using our Safe Deposit service.
  2. You pay the Safe Deposit (later you’ll find information about it in your “Orders” area in your account’s Dashboard). We then inform the seller that we have received the deposit.
  3. You meet up with the seller to pick up your new pet and you pay the difference between the full price and the deposit already paid to AniMall24 (excluding the 7% fee). For example: if the pet costs £1000 and you’ve already paid a deposit of £100 (£107 with our fee) you should pay only the remaining £900. We strongly advise you (and the seller) to gather proof of the transaction (photo of the handover, the location, time and date, an ID of the seller, a signed document, etc.), or proof that you were at the specified location at the agreed time and date in case the seller doesn’t show up.
  4. Once the seller confirms that the deal has been completed we will contact the buyer to confirm that and, if everything seems fine, we will transfer the deposit to the seller’s account.
  5. If there’s a conflict of versions (because either part says that the other part didn’t show up, or that the deal was a scam attempt) we will start a dispute.
  6. If the buyer has satisfactory proof that the deal was a scam attempt we will return the deposit, except for the 7% fee.
  7. If the seller has satisfactory proof that the deal was completed successfully or that the buyer didn’t show up, we will send the deposit to the seller, except for the 7% fee.

If you have any questions please send us an email to with the subject “Safe Deposit”.

Safe Deposit

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