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Why animals? 


We see ourselves as a large online animal community that supports owners and animals in all phases of life, informs and helps them, and creates a meeting place for animal lovers on the Internet. Animal lovers can exchange ideas and connect with each other.


We also provide useful information, tips and the latest news on animal-related topics from our editorial team, as well as guest articles from selected experts.



The purpose of AniMall24


Our idea for AniMall24 originated when we realized that there are currently no ideal solutions for getting purebred puppies to go into new homes without at least one party getting into trouble due to lack of adequate information or communication. It may happen that those looking for a dog do not know enough about the puppy’s origin or that breeders do not have enough information about the future situation of their puppies.


We therefore understood the need for a site where breeders and potential buyers can get to know each other and create a relationship of trust. On AniMall24 buyers can find breeders of the desired breeds in an open and transparent place. At the same time, breeders have a direct communication channel to make sure potential buyers understand their puppies’ needs and responsibilities and are able to provide them with great accommodations.


Finally, if there is a need, we can prepare advantageous, effective and safe solutions for transporting the puppies to their new home, taking this weight off the breeder’s shoulders.


Our goal for the future is to spread an open and transparent way to help purebred puppies find a home with benefits for everyone involved. You too can help us make it a reality, whether you are a breeder or a future owner of a particular breed.

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Animals First

Animal welfare is our priority. That’s why we built this website. And that’s also why we favor animals from shelters, by offering free Premium accounts to verified welfare centers.

Selected Partners

We partner with respected animal-loving companies and breeders, and we manually verify every account that applies to a Premium profile, to ensure that Premium accounts are trustworthy.

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If you need help or have questions you can reach us by using our contact form. And our articles. are always a great resource for safety tips and animal wellbeing recommendations.

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Important: If you have a question about an animal in an advertisement, you must address the request directly to the advertiser. If you want to write to the provider of the advertisement, you have to select the advertisement and then simply click on “Send Message”. The advertiser can provide you with further information. AniMall24 is not the provider of the advertisements and only offers the platform for advertising.

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